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A corset was a garment popular in Europe after the Renaissance until the middle of the 20th century.

In China in the 18th century, the “tube top” (also known as doudu or dudou) at that time was generally diamond-shaped, with the upper part cut in parallel, with five corners, and straps on the upper and left and right corners. In 1906, Paul Poiret, the “revolutionary” in the fashion design industry, for the first time truly abandoned the “corset” from women’s clothing, completely abandoning it and replacing it with more comfortable underwear. Today’s corsets support the curve of the chest, so a kind of clothing that emphasizes the basic shape of a bra is designed. Corsets, emphasizing the waist are no longer the only means of expressing femininity. It moves the original waist fulcrum to the shoulders, forming a flowing flow on the overall shape of the garment.

Compared with the ancient underwear known as “obscene clothes” (clothes for household use), modern corsets have made significant progress from flat to three-dimensional structures, from covering and restraining to revealing and caring. Before the Renaissance, the corset was just a piece of embroidered cloth or a few feet of white silk wrapped around the chest, making the curve of the chest disappear under the wide shirt.

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